Jig Rhythms

Play along with Jim as he teaches you all the different rhythms to accompany a jig.

Examples mentioned in this tutorial are available below. They are given in both the Standard and Double Drop D Tunings.

Jig - Double Drop D examples

Example 1 - Basic jig strumming pattern


Example 2 - Emphasising the first beat of the bar


Example 3 - Emphasising each beat


Example 4 - Putting it all together

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Fast Slide:
Slow Slide:
Slip Jig:

Std | DDD
Std | DDD
Std | DDD
Std | DDD
Std | DDD
Std | DDD
Std | DDD

Std - Standard Tuning Examples
DDD - Double Drop D Examples

DDD Tuning

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Choosing Chords
Playing with a Capo
Playing without a Capo
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