Irish guitar rhythm lessons

These lessons by Jim Murray are a step by step guide to becoming a competent and confident guitar accompanist of traditional Irish music. Just click on the free guitar lesson (in red) to get a taste what is available once you subscribe. You will need to login to access all the rest of the guitar lessons.

Each guitar lesson has a main teaching video and supporting examples for specific techniques which can be played over and over to aid easy learning.

Double drop D tuning (DDD) lessons

Rhythm lessons

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Std | DDD
Std | DDD
Std | DDD
Std | DDD
Std | DDD
Std | DDD
Std | DDD

Std - Standard Tuning Examples
DDD - Double Drop D Examples

DDD Tuning

Chord Shapes
Choosing Chords
Playing with a Capo
Playing without a Capo
Chord Fret Tablature

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