Introducing Jim's guitar lessons and the concept of double drop D tuning which he has used for the past 15 years.

Introducing double drop D tuning

For accompanying traditional Irish music on the guitar

Double Drop D tuning is the tuning Jim Murray has used for the past 15 years to accompany Irish traditional music on the guitar.

As the name suggests the top and bottom E strings are dropped down to a D while the middle four strings remain in standard tuning.

As Jim will show you this tuning can be used very effectively for accompanying Irish melodies in all keys, both with and without a capo.

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Std | DDD
Std | DDD
Std | DDD
Std | DDD
Std | DDD
Std | DDD
Std | DDD

Std - Standard Tuning Examples
DDD - Double Drop D Examples

DDD Tuning

Chord Shapes
Choosing Chords
Playing with a Capo
Playing without a Capo
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