Jim Murray is simply one of the best and most respected accompanists in traditional Irish music.

Hailing from County Cork, Jim has toured and recorded both nationally and internationally with the A to Z of Ireland's top musicians.

Having a wealth of teaching experience and performing master classes around the world, Jim has now produced his own highly anticipated on-line guitar tutorial focusing on all aspects of accompanying traditional Irish music with a guitar.

Learn guitar to accompany traditional Irish music

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The guitar is a perfect instrument for accompanying traditional Irish music. Let Jim teach you how.

Subscribe and discover rhythms, accents and strumming patterns for the Reel, Jig, Slip Jig, Fast Slide, Slow Slide, Polka and Hornpipe. Learn about choosing chords, when to use a capo and discover the diversity of "double drop D" tuning. The video lessons will take you through step by step with examples in both standard tuning and double drop D tuning.